Zimbi juice drinks is dedicated to the idea of sustainable products. To support our own green initiaitives, we have created our own slogan, “Use, Re-use and Recycle”.

Use, re-use, and recycle MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PACKAGINGIt is for this reason, that Zimbi’s packaging is multifunctional—it is used as a container for the juice drink, as well as a flying bottle which can be played with. By adding value to the packaging, the product is used and then re-used. Furthermore, the added-value will hopefully make consumers more mindful to recycle, than simply to discard the bottle into the trash.

FIND A RECYCLER NEAR YOUZimbi asks you to please, remember to recycle. The Zimbi bottle and nose cone are made from Plastic #1 (PETE) and are highly recyclable. Find a plastic recycler near you.